Intranet The Key To Sharing Educational Technologies

Technology is rapidly evolving and we are presented with new innovations and discoveries on a regular basis. These aim to improve the quality of life providing new ways on how to perform a variety of task in a seamless and hassle free manner. It is good to hear that a variety of institutions are slowly catching up to these trends integrating up their services and activities with such technology. Schools and universities have also taken the necessary measures in order to help their students catch up with the latest technology. Let us look at the importance of the Intranet & SharePoint to successfully sharing these technologies effectively.

Intranet The Key To Sharing Educational Technologies

As mentioned earlier, schools have been working hard in applying new technologies to their curriculum. For instance, Queensland children as young as four will learn coding and robotics as a compulsory part of their education from next year. It should be noted that Computer coding is already part of the primary curriculum in England, Belgium, Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands. The shift in Queensland to coding in early school years opens its doors to new opportunities in teaching kids how to appreciate technology in a larger degree. This can also aid in cultivating their newfound interest in helping them shape their future careers.

Communication plays a very important role in this present day and age. With schools teaching coding to kids at an early age, these institutions will need the right amount of technology to back their day to day activities up. Aside from securing up to date computers and other related software, schools will also need a convenient way to share and access data at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. SharePoint technology is able to do just that giving their clients the tools that they need for them to find great success with their endeavors.

SharePoint is often used in an office space setting in large industries. With that being said, schools have also been benefitting greatly from the wide variety of services they provide to them. As mentioned earlier, accessibility is one of SharePoint’s main strength and users are no longer bound to a single device, or a single network. This in turn allows educators to access important documents and files even when they are not inside the school premises. Schools need to keep their information safe and SharePoint provides a variety of security measures. Microsoft has been keen on improving their SharePoint security enabling more granular security controls, hybrid cloud and on-premise auditing, and BYO encryption keys.

It is good to hear that schools are able to use such technology changing classrooms which are now increasingly digital. Microsoft has Office 365 Education that lets teachers manage classes and assignment workflows. In an effort to make SharePoint accessible to a huge number of online users, Microsoft launched a new mobile app SharePoint for iPhone users. This software allows iPhone users to access their company’s intranet at any given time.

New technologies are also being integrated with Sharepoint. For instance, the OneNote add-in aims to streamline classroom management turning it into a collaborative teaching, test-taking and progress tracking tool for classrooms. It is important however to find a good measure of balance between open data and security which is something that is still being further developed and improved.





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